Co-Founder Amy's favourites

Co-Founder Amy's favourites

We get the low-low on co-founder Amy's favourite products on The Meat Club and how to curb fussy eaters

What is your favourite product from The Meat Club?

This is a great question! And honestly, it has changed with time and the launch of new products to our store. Had you asked me three years ago, I would have said our grass fed Eye Fillet steak or hormone free Lamb Rack. Two years ago, it was our cage free chicken breast that has no added hormones. Today, I can’t go past our Humpty Doo Barramundi and range of Vegetarian Burger patties

Which items from The Meat Club are a must for your shopping cart?

I would say something from each product category. In fact the list above would be my go-to, with the addition of some New Zealand King Salmon, Free Range Australian BBQ Sausages and our Nitrate Free Australian Streaky Bacon!

Grill, BBQ and pan-fry: which is your favourite & why?

Can I say – neither! I can’t go past the trusted oven. It is my favourite way to cook because you can slow roast or go for a quick fan--forced cook while bringing out the best of the products and their natural flavour. We eat a lot of roast veggies (and salads!) in our house. If we had the space for a BBQ at our place, I would say a BBQ is my close second – nothing beats the smell or taste of a good BB.

Cooking for kids can be tricky. Do you have a go-to recipe for the kids?

I’m fortunate that our kids are very adventurous eaters. My eldest loves tahini. My youngest can down pesto and hummus like a champion. I try and get them in the kitchen with me as often as possible so they feel comfortable experimenting with different flavours and textures (and trust me, that experiment can often land on the kitchen or dining table floor in tears of disgust!). Our favourite recipes from the site would be Chicken Pesto Zoodles, Spinach and Bacon Tart, Fish Tacos, Chilli Con Carne and the Vegetable Burger Sandwich.

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