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Where does the produce come from?

The co-founders of The Meat Club spent some 18 months searching for Australia’s finest produce before launching an online store. What started with exclusively beef and lamb from Australia, has now expanded to New Zealand products as well. With chicken, fish, pork, plant based and halal products available, you can be rest assured that all our suppliers are handpicked according to a stringent vetting process, making sure that we do not compromise on quality, on animal welfare and sustainability, or on food waste. View our product qualities and heritage here, as well as what it means to be a Conscious Carnivore.

What is Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded meat?

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality and consistency of beef and lamb for consumption. The grading system takes into account all factors, and in particular age and marbling, that affect produce from the paddock to the plate. Further details can be found here.

Are your products halal certified?

Yes, see our full range of halal meat online. They are separated from non-halal items both at our warehouse, and at the time of delivery.

Which products are fresh v frozen?

Our all proteins are portion cut, vacuum packed and air or sea freighted from our partners in Australia or New Zealand, and remain unopened until they reach our customers homes in Singapore. We will freeze our chilled beef, nearing the chilled expiry in Singapore which comprises our frozen beef range.

  • Ambient: Gifts & Merchandise
  • Chilled: Beef & Rubs
  • Frozen: Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Pies, Plant Based, Sausages, Sauces & Marinades

Packaging and shelf life

What is the chilled shelf for beef?

Our packaging and quality control measures ensures that we can offer a chilled shelf life of between 14-28 days on primal cuts of beef. As the process of making mince aerates the meat, it has a shorter shelf life of no more than 10 days in the fridge. Our shelf life on chilled beef items can vary depending on your delivery date and time. Typically, we offer:

  • Mince: between 10 – 20 days
  • Primal cuts: between 20 – 27 days (all frozen product has roughly 3 months shelf life)

We are able to offer this chilled shelf life because of advanced packaging technology we use at our partners facility in Australia. This technology contours the packaging to the shape of the meat for ultimate protection, as well as sealing the freshness from the paddock gate to your home in Singapore. At every step of the logistics supply chain, we closely maintain and monitor temperature and humidity to ensure there is minimal fluctuation.

For information about where and how to store chilled meat, and the effect of wet aging, see our Farm News post here.

How should I freeze my chilled beef? Can it be defrosted safely?

You will observe a ‘freeze by’ sticker on your chilled beef. This is the date we recommend you consume all meat in the fridge or move all your remaining chilled meat to the freezer (for our tips on how and where to store your meat, see here). This will extend its shelf life by a further 3 months.

When you freeze meat you risk freezer burn due to moisture being wicked away from the surface of your meat. The airtight seal of our packaging prevents this from happening. The ideal freezing conditions are to try and ‘snap’ or ‘blast’ freeze your product. To do this, create as much space in your freezer, so that the cold air can work quickly. This will increase the eating quality of the frozen item at the time of consumption. Read more here.

To defrost frozen beef, set it aside in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. Alternatively, rest the pack in a shallow bowl with running tap water, and then cooked immediately. Do not under any circumstance, microwave your meat.

Is fresh or frozen better? How long will my meat last in the fridge, once I've opened a pack?

Quality fresh meat is up to 70% water. When meat is frozen, ice crystals can form, expand and cause significant damage to the muscle cells, resulting in a loss of taste and even nutrition. Once the meat thaws, the damaged cells may ‘leak’ salts, proteins and rich flavours that would otherwise be captured, reducing the meat quality and dining experience. For more information on how and where to store your product, read here.

We recommend that any remaining (opened) meat portion is immediately sealed in an airtight container and placed in the fridge for no longer than 24 hours. That is; eat it the next day! Otherwise, freeze it.

What is vacuum packing?

This method of packing removes air from the package prior to sealing the contents. It reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria, preventing evaporation of volatile components, and preventing contaminants that erode shelf life from entering the product. Keeping the meat in the vacuum packaging also improves the tenderness of the meat (known as ‘wet aging’).


I'm having trouble placing my order online.

We are a club, here to support our current members and welcome new members. If in doubt, please reach out to us at or via WhatsApp.

I requested for my password to be sent to me but I can't find it in my inbox.

Please check the junk folder of your email inbox. Otherwise, contact our team on or via WhatsApp.


What are my delivery options?

You can choose your preferred delivery based on our slots as below.

Weekday slots:

  • Morning 10:00am to 1:00pm
  • Noon 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Evening 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Saturday slots:

  • Morning 10:00am to 1:00pm
  • Noon 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across Singapore, islandwide 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday).

Is there an order deadline for next day delivery?

Yes, 2pm the day prior. We deliver every day of the week except Sunday’s and Public Holidays.

What is your minimum order for delivery and what are the delivery fees?

Our island wide delivery charges are FREE for orders above $100 nett. Otherwise, a $15 delivery charge will be incurred.

Who delivers my order?

Our warehousing team pack your orders and deliver using their refrigerated trucks. If trucks are not available, we will sometimes engage a third party logistics provider, Lalamove, to safely deliver your items to your door.

How will my items arrive?

All items arrive chilled or frozen in reusable chiller bags with frozen ice-packs.

Can I return my chiller bag?

Yes! Please contact the team at or via WhatsApp so we can organise a round trip to our warehouse. We typically ask customers to collect up to 6 before we coordinate same to reduce our carbon footprint. Why? Because the majority of our drivers are third-party logistics partners that continue to other jobs.

I missed my delivery as I had to step out. Now what?

We make every effort to ensure that your delivery is made during your nominated day and time slot. If delivery was attempted and you were not at home, we charge a nominal re-delivery fee of $15 which will be billed to your credit card upon confirmation of a re-delivery date and time.

What happens if my meat is damaged or missing upon delivery?

Please contact us via email or WhatsApp attaching an image of the item and we will assist you immediately.

I just realized I won't be home for my delivery, what do I do?

If the delivery has not been sent with our logistics partner, please amend your details via the your Dashboard or email us and we will work out an alternative solution.

If the delivery has been sent with our logistics partner, we will organise redelivery for a nominal fee of $15.

Once I have placed my order, can I change my shipping address?

Once you have placed your order you will be able to change the shipping address online 48hrs prior to delivery. This can be done in your account dashboard. We also encourage members to drop us an email when this change is made, so that we can confirm the change on our backend.

I have received my items but have decided I don't want one of the products. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, we cannot take back products that are in good condition once they have been received by you. This is because product safety may have been compromised as the cool chain will have been broken and we therefore can’t resell the products.

What is your policy for returns and refunds?

We assess our members requests for refunds on a case by case basis. However please note that any requests made more than 24 hours after delivery and without accompanying images will not be accepted. If you request us to collect back the products that have been successfully delivered, a $15 collection fee may be charged in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.


How do your subscriptions work?

We offer a flexible subscription model, which means you get a regular delivery from The Meat Club on a schedule that suits your needs. You are free to edit your cart between each delivery, ship product ASAP, skip a delivery, change your delivery frequency plus much more! View our helpful article here.

I’m nervous about committing to a subscription, what is the catch?

Don’t be! The subscription is flexible, easy to navigate and you can modify your schedule and products, or pause the subscription at anytime. Our helpful tips on How to Navigate our Dashboard here make your regular protein shopping easy and if all else fails, our friendly team are here to help! Simply email us with any questions, comments or concerns.

How much can I save by subscribing?

Subscription orders enjoy tiered savings up to 15% according to the total value of the subscription products in the cart. The more product added, the greater the saving. Any subscription basket over $100 also qualifies for Free Mince for Life.

How do I create a subscription?

When entering the shop page, select your frequency to get a regular delivery on a cycle that suits your needs. Once the order is paid for and processed, your ongoing subscription is created.

What is Free Mince for Life and how do I quality?

Free Mince For Life is our way of thanking our loyal subscribers and showcasing not only the benefits of our subscription model, but the savings that you can enjoy on high quality, conscious proteins. All new and existing subscribers automatically quality for the offer, if the subscription basket at the time of checkout is $100 or more.

I would like to add items to my subscription, how do I do that?

Navigate to your Dashboard and click on your subscription. From there, select Edit and follow the prompts. Read more about how to navigate our Dashboard, here.

I would like to order some items separately from my subscription, is it possible?

Yes! Simply log into your account and shop as you would, normally. When browsing products, set the frequency to One-off and add products to your cart. Proceed to check out normally and select your preferred delivery date and time slot. Your current subscription will not be affected.

Will you allow me to cancel if I’m not happy?

Of course! If the subscription model no longer suits your needs, you are more than welcome to cancel. We always recommending members pause their subscription with us so that offers like Free Mince for Life can be re-activated when you choose to shop with us again. More on that here.

How do I update my payment details?

You can update your payment details and other personal details by heading to your account Dashboard and following the prompts.

Payment & billing

Are my details, including my credit card, safe?

Absolutely. We respect your privacy and security, and have partnered with Stripe as our payment gateway provider. Stripe have an outstanding reputation as a market leader in secure online payments.

When do I get charged?

Your nominated credit card will be charged upon confirming your first order.

If you choose to subscribe, your nominated credit card will be charged 2 days prior to the subsequent deliveries (and so on), on the delivery schedule you nominated.

How do I change my billing details?

Simply log into your Account and follow the prompts. Alternatively, please contact us for assistance.

I'm going away. Can I skip a delivery?

Yes, you can Skip a delivery or pause your account for your dashboard. See your options here.

Which payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted as Apple, Google and Shop Pay.

Are your prices fixed?

The Meat Club continuously monitors its competitiveness with local market prices. If you choose to join our subscription, we will notify you of any pricing changes and give you up to a week to confirm you are happy to continue with your subscription.


Do you have a retail shop?

We are an online business and we do not have our own retail store. However, we do have some Grass Fed Beef products stocked at Fairprice Finest Bukit Timah.

How are your subscription products up to 15% off?

We don’t have traditional overheads of a butcher or supermarket, such as rent and staffing costs. Our subscription option also allows us to reduce any wastage associated with businesses that order perishable inventory because we order direct from our suppliers, what our members order (supply and demand). Together, this means we can pass savings onto our members.

Do I need an account to be a member?

Yes. Please sign up during checkout.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

Your details are saved so you do not need to enter your contact and delivery information again. You will also be able to see your order history to make subsequent orders and changes to any standing order easily.

I have accumulated several delivery bags from my orders, can I return them to be reused?

Yes you can. Simply accumulate 6 or more bags and we will be happy to organise a collection on your behalf. Email our team to arrange for a collection.