Need help managing your subscription? No worries! See what options you have to change your subscription basket, skip a delivery, change your delivery frequency and much more!

Before you start, log in to your account from the top right of the home page. From here, you can click My Subscriptions to access your Dashboard. If you are existing user, and haven't got our email with a new link to log in to our Shopify store (please check your junk), please let us know (here).


    From your Dashboard, navigate to your Subscription details and press the Edit button. Remove product(s) on the page that follows in the quantity you are after. To add product(s), follow the actions to shop


    From your Dashboard, click on the Re-Schedule/ Ship Now button and choose your preferred date for delivery. Please note that:

    • Next day delivery is only available before 2pm.
    • Your preferred delivery window (morning / afternoon / evening slot) will auto-apply to the new date.

    If you wish to change your delivery window, please let us know via WhatsApp here.


    From your Dashboard, click on the Skip Now button below to skip your next unpaid delivery. If payment for your order has been taken, this function will not be available and you will need to get in touch with us via WhatsApp here.

    From your Dashboard, you can also skip future unpaid deliveries by navigating to the View Scheduled Unpaid Orders button.


    Use this function to update your delivery address and contact phone number.


    Use this function to update your payment information from a secured link, sent via email.


    This function means that all your subscription deliveries will be paused or cancelled until you choose to reactivate your account again.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so via the Dashboard before payment is taken (2 days prior to delivery). Please be reminded that on cancellation, the offer of Free Mince for Life will likewise be cancelled, and can’t be reactivated. That is why we always suggest that members Pause their subscription instead, which will reactivate the offer when orders are resume