The Meat Club Story Amy

The Meat Club Story

Hi, my name is Amy. Thank you for taking the time to find us here!

I understand that finding a good cut of meat, at its true value, from someone you trust, takes time. I went through that journey myself several years ago, when I moved to Singapore.

I could see that an opportunity existed to make great quality produce available in Singapore, at its true value. How? By minimising the steps between suppliers and customers, and reducing unnecessary overheads, I could see that genuine savings were able to be passed to customers, for products that are only found in high-end restaurants and grocery chains.

I am thrilled to have started a conscious carnivore community that believes in our ethos and sourcing, and look forward to having you on board.

Happy eating!

Amy Bell

Why The Meat Club?

Responsible meat consumption is an investment in our future. At The Meat Club, we believe in:

The future is changing and so should the way we consume meat. Now more than ever, it is important to appreciate the food on your plate as part of a balanced diet, knowing exactly how it got there.

Amy Bell
Co-Founder, Australian
About Us
  • Quality

    Choosing quality proteins as part of a balanced diet.

  • Trust

    Understanding where your proteins are sourced from and who has interacted with them.

  • Sustainability

    Reducing food waste by only consuming what is needed.

Our Team

The Meat Club comprises four team members; Amy, Brad, Elphin and Rica. We are real people wanting to do the best for our customers at every stage of their journey. We truly value our Meat Club community and love interacting with them every day.

  • Brad


  • Amy

    Founder and CMO

  • Elphin

    Operations & Customer Service

  • The Meat Club Marketing Rica Sorel



Our Sourcing

We are advocates for taking a moment to appreciate the food on your plate and knowing exactly where it came from.

When you order from The Meat Club, you are investing in products which are:

  • procured especially for your order, by our trusted suppliers in Australia and New Zealand;
  • securely packaged in the country of origin and shipped straight to your door, with no middle men;
  • arrive via an unbroken cold chain, are not tampered with and guaranteed safe to eat, all with that delicious Meat Club quality.
Our sources