What is a Conscious Carnivore?

What is a Conscious Carnivore?

This day in age, it is hard to turn on the news without seeing the negative impacts humans are having on the planet. From global warming to unsustainable farming methods, landfill and deforestation, the picture is not a pretty one.

As conscious carnivores, we advocate balance in your meat consumption, and viewing meat as a treat, rather than a staple.  From eating less meat to going on a plant based diet, we are advocates for doing what is right for you and your family. And we like to think, that if you do choose to consume meat, The Meat Club, and the conscious carnivore community are here for you.

The Meat Club is about choosing the right cut of meat, knowing that it has been sourced from a supplier that upholds our high standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability. The Meat Club is about knowing that you are part of a community that sources what is needed, when it is needed. The Meat Club is about selling meat at its true cost, with as many overhead costs removed to share premium quality all the way from Australia and New Zealand to you in Singapore.

So whether you are are meathead or not, we hope you find something you like in our store, because everything we list is grounded in our conscious carnivore ethos.

Can it be true? Free mince for life? We want to highlight the benefits of our subscription model, and that you can be a conscious carnivore, while enjoying free mince for life. Read on the find out more!

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