Seasoning red meat: do's and don’ts

Seasoning red meat: do's and don’ts

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You'd be surprised just how much influence a little seasoning can have on your eating experience. From having a dried out steak to a juicy one. Read our pro tips on how to season your meat with salt and oil the right way.


  • Do: apply salt immediately before the cooking process
  • Don’t: apply salt an hour before cooking, as this draws moisture AWAY from the steak making it more dry
  • Do: apply salt up to 90mins before the cooking process, as (amazingly!) this will draw moisture away from the meat initially and then back into the steak (again - amazingly!) giving it a greater flavor profile


  • Do: apply quality cooking oil (we recommend Avocado Oil or Grapeseed Oil for their great cooking properties) to the steak immediately before cooking
  • Don’t: apply oil to the pan or BBQ plate

Key takeaway: with busy lives, no one really has the time or patience to season a steak well before cooking. To keep things nice and easy, we suggest you season your immediately before cooking. First with the oil, followed by the salt.

Of course, you may also wish to get creative with your salt application, a' la Salt Bae.

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