Plant Based Meat

Plant Based Meat

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‘Hold the phone’ we hear you say. ‘The Meat Club offering plant based meat?’

Yes, that is right! True to our tagline, ‘The home of the Conscious Carnivore’, we actively encourage members to take a moment to appreciate the food on our plates, and know exactly where it came from. So it makes sense that we would offer a wider range of Plant Based Meat alternatives, including Impossible Beef and our very own, locally made vegetable burger patties.

Impossible Beef is a great alternative to anyone looking for a ‘meat’ meal, but want to skip on the meat itself. It can be used as a substitute for mince in most home cooked meals including traditional lasagne, Bolognese, burger patties and even more exotic … larb.

Our range of locally made vegetable burger patties are great for a traditional sandwich or atop a salad. Using only clean wholesome ingredients, we suggest the patties are prepared from frozen in the oven or put in a sandwich press with baking paper for a great meal that is delicious!

New to The Meat Club? Order our Plant Based range now with $10 off (WELCOME10 on checkout) or add to your existing subscription via the Dashboard!

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