The Meat Club Launch of 100% Aussie cage-free chicken

Launch of 100% Aussie cage-free chicken

Latest update:

The co-founders of The Meat Club first set out to bring great quality Australian beef and lamb into Singapore. From there, they have seen their product range expand into bacon, sausages and now, most excitingly, 100% Aussie cage-free chicken. Why the excitement? Aussie chicken is hard to come by, with strict import regulations curtesy of Bird Flu. Most chicken in Singapore comes across the boarder from Malaysia.

And so, it was with much excitement that we launched our range of 100% Aussie cage-free chicken, with several cuts being made available including:

  • cage-free chicken breast
  • cage-free chicken thigh
  • cage-free chicken drumsticks
  • cage-free whole chicken

With the same taste and texture us Australians are accustomed to at home, our Australian chickens are:

  • cage free;
  • have no added hormones;
  • chlorine free;
  • enjoy non-GMO feed;
  • Halal-certified; and
  • 100% Aussie

Our suppliers maintain the highest standards in the industry, being SGS HACCP, SGS ISO9001 and JAS-ANZ accredited, meaning you can be rest assured you and your family are getting the best produce available.

As chicken is a regular household staple, we love how it’s so versatile. Chicken soup, curries, schnitzels – the possibilities are endless. Click here for mealtime inspiration.

To try our chicken, simply add a pack or two to your cart. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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