Since 2013, the GTCL company was founded on the intent to elevate well-being from farm to table. We strive for this through clean products produced consciously and sustainably. Adopting a holistic approach, we mindfully create high quality natural yet effective products to optimize wellness for the whole family.


Experience protective nourishment naturally through apitherapy. Anaya is synonymous with organically-farmed unadulterated honey without sugar feeding, pesticides or antibiotics unlike most honey in the market. Our signature range of doctor-recommended raw stingless raw bee honey are citrusy-sweet with the lowest sugar of any honey. Perfect for diabetics and immunity boosting. Nourishment extends to precious leather goods with our specially formulated anti-mould natural leather care kit. 

Through our stingless bee pollination program in the Philippines, communities of farmers have transitioned to organic farming. They benefit from crop yields increase of up to 40% and incremental income of this rare honey.

Pili Pushers

Deliciously creamy and naturally umami, pili nuts are the new macadamia. This ancient superfood has 869% more Vitamin E than almonds, the most magnesium and lowest carbohydrates of any nut. Pili Pushers’ nutrient-rich pili nuts are hand-harvested from a community of independent farmers whose pili trees grow wild on volcanic soil. To enhance and preserve their vitamins and living enzymes, they are pre-sprouted then dehydrated. Our Great Taste Award winners are the perfect keto and vegan snack for any time of day! Also great with salad, muesli, cured meats, cheese and wine. 


Kumuya products are rooted in the belief of natural, simple and nutritive beauty. We mindfully synergise only plant-derived ingredients with science-backed efficacy. With our multi-pathway approach, we address skin wellness in a whole new paradigm – through the most efficacious products with the wisdom of nutrition through food, and a balanced mind. Inner and outer glow like never before. 

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