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The most convenient way to get quality Fruit and Vegetables online in 4 simple steps saving you time, money and stress.

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How Does It Work?

The most convenient way to buy meat for you and your family in4 simple steps

  • 1. Pick Your Box

    Select from our specially curated boxes to save you time and money and explore a range of delicious meats.

  • 2. Choose Your Slot

    We offer next day delivery, Monday to Saturday and have a range of flexible delivery timeframes. 

  • 3. Choose Order Frequency

    Select how often you would like your meat delivered to your home. You can change this at any time.

  • 4. Enjoy

    Cook with high-quality products that are regularly delivered to your door and enjoy amazing meals at home with family and friends.

High Quality Products

The most convenient way to buy farm fresh fruit and vegetables for you and your family in 4 simple steps

  • Farm Fresh Broccoli from The Meat Club

    Broccoli - Australia

  • Farm Fresh Avocado from The Meat Club

    Avocado - Australia

  • Farm Fresh Cherry Tomatoes from The Meat Club

    Cherry Tomato On Vine - Holland

  • Farm Fresh Red Apples from The Meat Club

    Red Fuji Apple - New Zealand

  • Farm Fresh Mango from The Meat Club

    Mango - Thailand

  • Farm Fresh Blueberry from The Meat Club

    Blueberries - USA/Australia

Reasons To Love Us

At The Meat Club we do everything we can to provide as much value as possible to our customers.

  • Super Convenient

    Shipping is FREE above $100. We deliver to your door on your schedule, and you can skip a delivery or cancel anytime.

  • Excellent Value

    We’ve cut out the middlemen and unnecessary overheads in getting our products direct from the source, to your door.

  • High Quality Products

    Our products are cut and packed at the source, with reduced contamination risk and no unnecessary handling.

Start Building Your Box Today

Choose from a large variety of high quality meat products and build the perfect box for you and your family today.

Us vs. Them

The Meat Club The Supermarket
Premium Fruit and Vegetable options Produce may lack freshness and quality
Sourced directly from trusted farms Lack of traceability
Guaranteed product freshness Requires time and effort
Convenient home delivery Unknown product freshness
Carefully sourced for quality Lack quality due to sacrificing freshness

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver across Singapore, islandwide 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday).

Do you offer free delivery?

Our island wide delivery charges are free for orders above $100 nett. Otherwise, a $15 delivery charge will be incurred.

Can I build my own box?

Absolutely! Build your ideal cart from our range of Australian and New Zealand products. Alternatively, select from our specially curated boxes that save you time and money.

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