Commune Kitchen


At Commune Kitchen, we offer affordable cooking classes in a variety
of cuisines including Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, Southeast Asian, Middle
Eastern, and fusion cuisines along with gluten-free and vegetarian
courses just to name a few. Our classes are taught by trained chefs that
have traveled the world, worked in different countries and bring a vast
amount of knowledge to their students. Aside from providing a fun and
relaxed atmosphere, we teach people the importance of incorporating
locally available fresh ingredients, sustainably sourced meats and pure
fats into their daily meals; providing options to use to replace refined
oils and processed ingredients. This includes recommendations of where
to find the different ingredients all over Singapore. We are minutes
away from the Tanjong Pager MRT in OUE Social Kitchen at Downtown

Beyond hosting our amazing cooking classes, Commune Kitchen also
offers Team Building and Private Classes. For more information about
upcoming classes and events, visit our website, or simply call +65 88214805. For free recipes, food, food, and more food, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.