Supermum Edition: Steph Lung

Supermum Edition: Steph Lung

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your line of work? Do you have any kids?

Hi I'm Steph Lung! I'm a full time property consultant, a career switch I undertook 10 years ago so I could have more time flexibility at home with my daughters who are 10 and 12 years old respectively. Recently I have also completed my Keto coach certification, and I am also a Thermomix advisor. I love to evolve with my passion, keeping healthy and cooking delicious food, while I rent and sell properties! Yes I love a busy lifestyle!

How has transiting to WFH been like for you during the COVID-19 circuit breaker? How have you juggled work and kids?

I have always worked from home, so I have no problem adapting to it. However having the girls home and helping them with their e-learning was a tough transition in the first 2 weeks. We finally have a rhythm at home, balanced with my own time for work and exercise.

What have been the challenges and rewards during this circuit breaker period for you the family?

Finding “me time” was the hardest in the beginning. Giving up my own work to prioritise their needs first took me a while to adapt eg, I had to give up my laptop for their e-learning, reschedule my cooking demos and videos when the house is quiet etc. At the same time, it’s super rewarding to spend more time as a family. Kids are more involved in the kitchen cooking and baking and we have scheduled board games for family entertainment.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

It’s a nice notion for mothers to be celebrated. Sometimes I put in so much for the family and feel unappreciated. The family do take time to write cards and make me breakfast on that day. I am not expecting to be wine and dine this year, I am just happy to have a healthy family. My Mother’s Day wish is that the girls will have no problem transiting back to school when this is all over as they are getting so comfortable being home with extra screen time! ?

We know you enjoy good food and cooking at home, do you have any kid friendly recipes you can share?

My girls love basic, comfort food. One of their classic favourite is the good ole homemade sausage rolls and it’s so easy to make with store bought pastry.

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