Supermum Edition: Simone Ruth

Supermum Edition: Simone Ruth

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It’s been a year since Circuit Breaker. Reflect on these #supermum stories from 2020Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your line of work? Do you have any kids? Hi I’m Simone Ruth, on weekends I cook on the Instagram handle @athomewithsimone. I’m a full time working mum in the FMCG Packaging industry, delivering to brands better design and branding solutions. I’m a mother to one precious loving boy!

How has transiting to WFH been like for you during the COVID-19 circuit breaker? How have you juggled work and kids? It has definitely been challenging, it does help that entering the 2nd month of circuit breaker has normalised WFH slightly. For me, it was a rough start with crazy video calls and having a toddler fighting for attention in the background - and no mute function could help as I needed to do the talking! But since then, thank goodness I have my husband at home instead of being alone with a toddler - it’s easier to manage such situations.  I often plan out my toddler’s day the night before, marking out worksheets and materials for him to do throughout the day, waking up early to prepare his food and laying it all out before entering into my daily 9am meetings. What have been the challenges and rewards during this circuit breaker period for you the family? Definitely the time I get to spend with my family as we have more time to eat and bond. As challenging it is printing out all the home based learning materials and managing food timetables, I do enjoy more time for fun experiments, creative teaching and sensory play fun! We just made homemade play dough together the day before with my little one! As much as being cooped up at home, I do enjoy the comforts of home. I think the trick is also having clear defined working and relaxing/play spaces, this helps put everyone in a better headspace, especially when the lines of traditional work/school and home are blurred. I do miss travelling though!

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Mother’s Day is really no special day for me. It is instead a day of appreciating my own Mother and the many other Mother’s in my life. I do enjoy showering my girlfriends whom are mother’s with warm thoughts/gifts/messages - nothing like the gift of appreciation during Mother’s Day! All I really wish for on Mother’s Day is extra kisses and cuddles form my little one (: We know you enjoy good food and cooking at home, do you have any kid friendly recipes you can share? Thank you! Here’s a homey and nourishing Asian staple for the young and old - Silky Kway Teow Seafood Soup with Shredded Chicken

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