Worried about the provenance of your beef and lamb?

Worried about the provenance of your beef and lamb?

Latest update:

The 2017 Brazilian meat scandal raised important questions about the quality of the meat we all consume.

At The Meat Club, we have built our business around maintaining the highest integrity and standards through our cold chain supply and logistics channels. We source our meat directly from suppliers in Australia, who exceed standards and implement systems to eliminate any risk from the food production process.

Furthermore, because our product is cut and packaged in airtight vacuum packaging in Australia, we have minimised any chance of contamination during the 6,300km air-freight and subsequent transport to our members doorstep. Our supply chain integrity means that our members can be rest assured that our products can be enjoyed without any concern over contamination or quality.

Get peace of mind. Watch our video to find out how we source our produce.

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