What is #TrueAussie?

What is #TrueAussie?

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What is #TrueAussie all about?

#TrueAussie is a single brand identity for all Australian red meat. It has 3 global brand pillars.

  1. The Ideal Home: Australia’s red meat provenance story

Australia is a large country with lots of space for animals to roam. An island nation with great border protection and biosecurity, Australia is free from disease. Animals are sustainably raised on natural pastures with a range of climates. Australia’s diverse climate, grass and grain provides for continuity of supply. Last but not least, Australia is a friendly place – we value trust, integrity and relationships.

  1. Peace of Mind

Our world-leading systems ensure our product is ‘fit for purpose’. To be certified #TrueAussie production must be subject to a range of on-farm and off-farm systems and processes. These focus on product quality, traceability, transparency and integrity, animal welfare and sustainability.

  1. Pure Enjoyment

#TrueAussie is underpinned by Aussie lifestyles and our great quality product. Grass Fed & Premium range beef provides for versatility across cuisines and regions. Our product is healthy and nutritious, with great flavor and quality that is underpinned by research, enabling suppliers to deliver consistent quality beef to consumers.

Meat Livestock Australia (MLA) manages #TrueAussie licensing. Not all products can be certified #TrueAussie, and MLA upholds high certification standards when awarding licenses. Happily, you can be assured that you are getting high-quality, ##TrueAussie when you shop with The Meat Club. Watch our video to find out how. Plus enjoy $50 when you join us today! Find out more now (here).


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