Farm to plate

Farm to plate

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As a small but robust island, Singapore has worked hard to maintain a garden state and build a farming community. With land size being a major obstacle in eating fresh produce, we've introduced farm to plate shopping for families on the Red Dot.

Kranji – a designated green area in the Northwest, near the Malaysian border – has been a beacon for Singaporeans keen to enjoy fresh produce. Yet with a booming population, the majority of ready-to-eat food available in Singapore has needed to be imported by sea or air. And while abundant, the idea of getting fresh product – especially red meat – has become increasingly difficult.

While a good proportion of beef and lamb comes into the country as a primal cut, only to be re-cut (fresh or frozen) before being purchased by a customer, The Meat Club strives for farm to plate eating. What does that mean? It is quite simple, really.

The animals that make up our produce are healthy and happy, with room to roam and shelter from predators. Our farmers hold animal welfare as their highest priority. We work with family owned companies who operate vertically integrated supply chains, all the way from the family farm, to the processing plant.

We import fresh, not frozen, Australian beef and lamb, direct from the processors in Queensland. Our meat is cut and packed into meal sized portions, so very few people come in contact with your meat, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a freshness of taste that is unrivalled. After being air freighted into Singapore, we pick and pack our meat and deliver it straight to your door, when members opt into our fully personalised delivery model, Auto Pilot. This process means we can offer a shelf life of up to 23 days in your fridge.

Want to provide the very best for you and your family? With an extensive range of products including cage free chicken, sustainably farmed fish and even gluten free vegetarian burger patties, we have you covered.

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