Resting meat after cooking: why and how

Resting meat after cooking: why and how

Can't get the perfect Eye Fillet? Wanted medium-rare but got medium instead? The difference between a good steak and a bad one could be in resting your meat after cooking. Patience could be all you need.

Why should I rest my meat after cooking?

The proteins in meat heat up and set during the cooking process. The more cooking, the more ‘set’ the proteins become, thereby pulling the meat juices towards the center of the steak. This is why you can test how well a steak is cooked by pressing your finger or cooking utensils into the meat – the firmer the meat, the more cooked it is (see this quick tutorial for more on the hand touch test).

Allowing a steak to rest immediately after cooking allows the juices – which have been pulled to the center – to redistribute throughout the meat and be reabsorbed. The result? A more juicy and tender steak. How good is that!

How can I rest my meat after cooking?

Place meat on a warm plate and loosely cover with foil. It is it too tight or wrapped, the meat will sweat and loose the moisture you’re trying to redistribute. As a general rule, follow these rest times (although this will change on meat cut and size):

  • Primal steak: 4-5mins
  • Roast: 10-20mins

For more information on how to cook the perfect steak, including a screen view of how we cover the meat with foil, check out our YouTube video here.

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