How to BBQ, grill or pan fry

How to BBQ, grill or pan fry

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How to cook steak on a BBQ, grill or pan fry is not as simple as it seems. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. Because any good chef would know that perfecting a BBQ is a fine art. Here are our top tips to Australia’s favourite pastime.

  1. Fill a small shallow bowl with olive or grapeseed oil and coat the meat both sides, then set aside on a separate plate (see this helpful article on cooking with different oils).
  2. Heat your BBQ or pan fry. Test the heat by flicking a dash of oil or water onto the pan to see if it sizzles.
  3. Place the steak one side down and season with salt and pepper. Avoid moving the steak or over-touching/ prodding it while it is being cooked, as you'll loose valuable juices.
  4. Cook for approximately 4-5mins (depending on thickness) for medium-rare. A good indication of it being cooked rare to medium-rare is when moisture beads appears on the upper side.
  5. Turn the steak over for a second time and season. Cook for a further 4-5mins and again, avoid over-touching/ prodding.
  6. Test for tenderness with a set of tongs by comparing the steak's firmness using the hand test:
    • Thumb to forefinger: medium-rare
    • Thumb to middle finger: medium
    • Thumb to little finger: well-done
  7. Allow steak to rest for a further 4-5mins under loosely covered foil before serving. This allows juices, which are in the centre of the steak immediately after cooking to redistribute/ be reabsorbed before being consumed, making it more tender and juicy.

For a helpful and quick video tutorial, check out our YouTube video here.

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