Got meat? Got antibiotics and hormones?

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Who doesn’t love a nice juicy steak or a good roast?

It all looks and tastes great but the biggest question we should be asking is, ‘Where did it come from and what else is inside?’ It is very important to choose the right quality meat so you are not consuming low dose antibiotics or hormones. This ensures you are getting the nutrients that good quality meat is supposed to provide.

Animal meats are rich in protein, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins and iron. Most poor quality meats out there have inadequate amounts of nutrients because of what the animals are fed and how they are raised.  Commercial meats are also pumped with antibiotics and hormones. With the rise of processed foods and additives/modifications of our fruits, vegetables and meats, it is no wonder we are seeing so many nutritional deficiencies in people today. A lack of these nutrients can contribute to symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, neurological issues, restless legs, and/or poor immune function. The list of symptoms from lack of proper nutrition is endless.

Consumption of antibiotic residues in animal meats poses a real issue and likely plays a role in the rise of antibiotic resistant illnesses in humans. Furthermore, the damage done to our healthy gut bacteria can create space for unwanted microbes to grow in our gut. As most of us know, your digestive tract is the foundation of optimal health. The good microbes in our gut are one of the key players in supporting this foundation. Damage to these healthy microbes can have an impact on our overall cognitive and physical health.

In addition to the effect of the antibiotics in meat, the hormones used in animal meats may also lead to increase adipose tissue, infertility and early onset puberty in children. When it comes to choosing your food, it is therefore always good to know the quality of it. With regards to meats, ensuring that you have hormone and antibiotic free meat is essential. Also choosing animal meats raised free range and quality grain/grass fed would be ideal to ensure the nutritional aspects of what meat should provide for.

There has been a steady rise of autoimmune, digestive and chronic illnesses in both adults and children. It is therefore important to practice prevention and to adapt a healthier lifestyle by making the right food choices for ourselves: and this includes choosing the right meat.

By Dr Shirley Mirpuri - Naturopathic Doctor

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