Free range lamb with no antibiotics or hormones

Free range lamb with no antibiotics or hormones

Latest update:

At The Meat Club, we are serious about sourcing a superior range of lamb free range lamb with no added antibiotics or hormones for our members.

New Zealand is renowned for the quality of its lamb, and The Meat Club’s lamb is the best of the best. Raised in the foothills of the Gisborne region, our lambs are raised in a low impact manner, with high rainfalls meaning lush grass all year round. The proximity to the sea gives the lamb a great flavour from eating the salty coastal grasses, and it provides high quality protein along with iron, zinc and B vitamins.

  • Naturally reared in open pastures
  • 100% grass fed and grass finished
  • Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics strictly limited to sick animals
  • Blast frozen to ensure product integrity
  • Great source of proteins, minerals and natural fats

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