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Cooking in your 40’s with Jasmin Dhillon and The Meat Club

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi I’m Jasmin, I'm a mum to four crazy but wonderful boys: my almost 9-year-old, 6-year-old twins, and an 8-month-old puppy (who loves me the most). I'm a nutritional health coach and one of the hosts, (the one with a British accent) of The Forties Formula podcast.

I moved to Singapore with my husband 12 years ago as a trailing spouse from London. Despite having a background in banking and finance, I took a career break to have children and found myself immersed into the world of health and wellness. This obsession led me to become a certified health coach. Now, I run a holistic nutritional coaching business Eat with Jasmin, helping women worldwide achieve their health and wellness goals.

What does a day in the life of a Nutritional Health Coach involve?

My days are pretty hectic as I juggle being a full-time mum and a coach. My day starts with a much-needed cup of coffee, usually before the boys wake up. Once they’re up, it's go-go-go until we're out the door. After the school run, I head to the gym to get my workout in first thing.

When I get back home, I either grab some leftovers or make a quick cheese & veggie omelette with smoked salmon or bacon. Between bites (I don’t recommend this to my clients!), I check on client progress, answer emails, and schedule meetings. By 3 pm, it's time for the afternoon school run, often followed by an after-school activity like tennis, gymnastics, or just playing at the school playground. This is when I appreciate the flexibility of working from my phone.

I'm very fortunate to have a helper who preps dinner for me by chopping veggies, preparing the protein, and cleaning the kitchen. Once we're back home, I make dinner, usually meat or fish with veggies and starchy carbohydrates for the kids. We have an early dinner, which gives me time to work until 7 pm. After that, the boys get ready for bed, and I can finally switch off and unwind with a bit of Dexter (I know, I'm late to the game).

How has your approach to cooking changed in your 40s? Why?

My approach to cooking actually changed before I turned 40, and I’m so thankful that I started looking at food in a different way. For most of my adult life, I assumed grains and starchy carbohydrates were essential for a healthy body. Now, I realize that carbohydrates are just the energy part of the equation. Instead, I focus on what our bodies truly need: amino acids, healthy fats, and fiber for a healthy gut.

Previously, I would plan meals around carbohydrates, like pasta on Monday and rice on Tuesday. Now, I base our meals on a meat or fish, complemented with vegetables and starchy carbs as energy for the kids. This shift happened because I want to ensure I am providing the right nourishment and fuel for my family (and my aging body - eeek!)

What does healthy family eating look like to you?

My kids will tell you it’s protein first! It’s always followed by me pleading with them to try their veggies. Honestly, I believe that any fresh, home-cooked meal is healthy compared to ultra-processed or fast food. There’s nothing better than using real ingredients that you prepare yourself. I know that it’s not always possible to have home cooked meals, and that’s when I would say try and include some protein, some veggies and if you need it some starchy carbs.

What are your top 3 tips on nutrition for women over 40?

  1. Prioritise quality protein (we are big fans of The Meat Club subscription model)

  2. Eat plenty of veggies and some fruit

  3. Eat a sufficient breakfast, so you don’t need to reach for snacks later in the day.

Do you have a family favourite / go-to recipe that you can’t live without?

My kids love a good spag bol, I have to make it weekly and they’ll still order it when we are out. Another firm favourite is my Mediterranean salmon. I know I can’t go wrong with this recipe!

Why should we turn into The Forties Formula podcast?

We keep it real, drop a few profanities, and make it an easy listen—like friends chatting over coffee. The Forties Formula is perfect for anyone that is looking to navigate their own health and wellness journey and learn how they can THRIVE during this transformative decade. We feature expert speakers and real-life stories that offer practical advice, inspiration, and support. So, what are you waiting for?

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