Where is ‘Auto Pilot’? The Meat Club 2.0

Where is ‘Auto Pilot’? The Meat Club 2.0

Latest update:

When The Meat Club first started, we used many terms that ultimately meant the same thing. Auto Pilot, Subscription, Club Prices. Yet they all led to confusion.

For our new website, we’ve taken away these terms but kept our model. You can still shop as a single purchase or join our flexible subscription. But our new dashboard means that for our subscribers, you can edit your basket before each delivery with ease. You can ship the basket immediately if you’re out of stock. You can skip a delivery if you have too much, and you can pause all orders if you’re travelling for an extended period. What is more, you can place a top up, one off order, independent of the subscription.

Happily. The one thing that has not changed is our ethos and our ordering system. We work with suppliers that care for their animals and the environment, and that have world class packing facilities. We order our products using a forecasting model so that we bring what you need, when you need it. This means less storage costs, less wastage and less handling, with savings across our range and fresh produce to your doorstep.

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