What to do with my delivery bag?

What to do with my delivery bag?

Latest update:

Collected too many bags? While they might be recyclable and reusable, we understand that sometimes, there is just no need for them any more.

Frustrated that they can’t always be passed to our delivery drivers? We hear you.

At The Meat Club, we use a mix of delivery partners to save us expensive overheads like managing a fleets of trucks. Some use 3rd party trucks which return to our warehouse daily (and can happily take your bags with them), however the majority of our deliveries rely on third party partners like Lalamove.

This means that the bulk of our drivers continue to new jobs after leaving your address, and don’t always return to the warehouse. It also means that we have to organise a round trip for these drivers when bags are passed back to them.

To save unnecessary Co2 emissions, we’ve always suggested that our customers collect 6 or more bags before we organise a round trip. Please feel free to contact us to organise a collection on your next delivery in that case!

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