v2food launch in Singapore

v2food launch in Singapore

Latest update:

We are excited to announce the v2food launch in Singapore following the announcement by Bloomberg of the Series B funding involving Temasek on 20 October 2020. v2food Plant Based Mince is a wonderful alternative for anyone that loves the taste of meat but doesn’t want to get it from animals. Designed in conjunction with the CSIRO to look, cook and taste like beef mince, so you can experiment with v2 mince in a range of cuisines and recipes. A wonderful compliment to The Meat Club’s existing range of traditional meat and vegetarian options, try v2food today in one of our delicious recipes!

v2food nachos

Plant-based meats, including v2food mince, are made with plant proteins (most often flours, concentrates or isolates), blended with plant oils, spices, seasonings and other plant derivatives, including starches and common food additives, to more closely mimic similar conventional meats. A recent study by Food Frontier on the nutrition of meat alternatives reads:

"In a comparison to their conventional meat equivalents, plant-based meats across most categories have, on average, lower or comparable kilojoules and sodium; higher or comparable protein, and lower fat and saturated fat per 100g, along with the presence of health-promoting fibre."Read more of the report here. Add a pack of v2food mince to your next order with The Meat Club here.

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