Pack it Up, Pack it In: Sustainable Packaging for Your Food

Pack it Up, Pack it In: Sustainable Packaging for Your Food

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Hey Conscious Carnivores! Have you ever thought about what happens to your chiller bags and ice packs after a delivery from The Meat Club? We are passionate about reducing our footprint to reduce waste and protect the planet, so read on for more!

The Ice Gel Pack Initiative with Upcircle:

Did you know that The Meat Club reuse and recycle our ice gel packs? Thanks to our partners at Upcircle, we found a way to keep our meat deliveries fresh and cold without wasteful styrofoam or single-use plastics. We use reusable ice gel packs that can be returned and reused over and over again. Check out the Upcircle reusable ice gel pack initiative here! We encourage you to return your ice packs to one of our delivery drivers or directly through the Upcircle App so we can continue building a sustainable future.

Your Chiller Bags from The Meat Club:

Have a spare Meat Club bag? Why not use it for your next family picnic or grocery run! Have a few lying around home? Then be sure to pass them back to our delivery drivers so they can be recycled for our regular deliveries!

The Basics of Sustainable Packaging and Getting Creative at Home!

When it comes to sustainable packaging, we encourage our Conscious Carnivores to keep in mind materials that are easily recyclable like paper, cardboard and some plastics. Avoid hard-to-recycle materials like styrofoam. Remember, the more lightweight and efficient, the better! Reduce packaging waste at home by using reusable containers or jars for leftovers or meal prep. Swap plastic wrap for beeswax wraps and try edible packaging like lettuce leaves or tortilla bowls for a fun twist. Next time you head to the shops, avoid taking a plastic bag from the cashier! Every bag helps!

The Future of Sustainable Packaging:

According to Upcircle, “[T]here are exciting innovations like plant-based plastics and edible packaging made from seaweed on the horizon. As consumers, we can support companies that prioritise sustainability and eco-friendly options.” As the Home of the Conscious Carnivore we couldn’t agree more and we work closely with our supplier to ensure that these options will be open to our products in the near future!

Like you, we are committed to reducing waste and protecting the planet by looking at ways we can reduce waste! Get in touch with our team to organise a pick up of your ice packs and delivery bags now!

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