The Meat Club Feature by Honeycombers Butchers in Singapore

Feature by Honeycombers Butchers in Singapore

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Butchers in Singapore: Where to get quality meat and gourmet sausages

Head to excellent butcheries, like The Meat Club, when you're planning a BBQ or a meat-heavy dinner for your guests

If you’re big on gourmet sausages stuffed with herbs and juicy meat, succulent grass-fed steak and marinated free-range chicken begging to be cooked over a flame, you’ll know that supermarket produce don’t quite cut it. But fret not, barbecue lovers: we’ve found the best butchers in Singapore who can make your carnivorous feast a roaring success.

The Meat Club

The newest kid on the block (pictured above), this new-age Aussie meat delivery business is one we’re big fans of, and it has incredibly tender meat and a very cool Auto-Pilot option.  Let us explain: These guys supply all-Australian beef and lamb, fly it pre-packed in meal-size portions into Singapore, and then deliver it to your door.  The packaging technology they use allows the meat to last in the fridge for 28 days (14 days for mince), so your meat is never frozen.  You can order a pack, or sign up for their Auto-Pilot option, where they automatically send you a meat order every two or four weeks.  How handy is that? We have tried and tasted the product, and the tenderness is out of this world!  But hey, try it for yourself!

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