The Meat Club Family Favourites: Melissa Montgomery

Family Favourites: Melissa Montgomery

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1. Hey Melissa! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
We are an Aussie/NZ family, with Twin 3 year olds and a fierce little 1 year old! Hubby is in Health/Tech and I am in real estate.

2. When and why did you move to Singapore?
We moved to Singapore so my Husband could continue his health-tech start up, Singapore offers more opportunities and concessions for start ups, particularly technology.

3.What do you love the most about living here? What do you miss the most about home? When and why did you move to Singapore?
I love the weather and cosmopolitan lifestyle, its also a great central base for travel in the region. I miss the Aussie beaches, parks, and wineries.

4. When and why did you move to Singapore?
We joined The Meat Club nearly 3 years ago.

5. What do you love about being part of the Club?
I love the auto pilot feature (best invention), I find in Singapore there is no one stop shop so the fact you don’t have one more order to remember saves so much time!

6. If you were to create your own meat pack, what would be in it?
Lamb, lamb and more lamb! Although lamb is a treat for us.

7. What is your 1 favourite product from The Meat Club?
Our faves are definitely the sirloin steak!

8. Do you have a favourite recipe you can share?
Ooohh can I ask my Helper ? Hmmm she surprised us with a Shepard's pie the other night which was amazeballs!

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