Subscription - a model that passes savings to members

Subscription - a model that passes savings to members

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Let The Meat Club help you automate your shopping, so you can save time for the important things in life.

The Meat Club was founded on the premise of getting great quality Australian produce to members doors for less. And that founding principle stands today.

By dealing directly with our suppliers - saving you the middle man - we offer lower prices that are the direct result of bulk buying and less handling. Here is out it works.

  1. We order produce from our suppliers, based on what our subscribers demand (pre-order);
  2. We air or sea freight that produce direct to Changi;
  3. We pick and pack our produce for just in time deliveries and for our subscribers;
  4. We limit warehousing time and shelf life by having regular import cycle and our unique forecasting model.

There are no lock in contracts, only the flexibility to pause or skip a delivery, and modify your basket at any time. For more information on how The Meat Club works, see here.

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