Say hello to Operations Manager Elphin Yeo and His Foodie Family

Say hello to Operations Manager Elphin Yeo and His Foodie Family

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Hey Elphin! Can you share a bit about yourself and your family?

Born and raised in Singapore, my family and I reside in the lovely neighbourhood of Serangoon. As foodies, we certainly love our local food but we do put on the apron to cook at home whenever we can. We love experimenting with new recipes and creating dishes from scratch, although it has become a rare occasion ever since our twin baby girls came to the world!

What were you up to before becoming the Operations Manager at The Meat Club?

I was a food photographer (checkout my photos @sgcafefood) and freelance content creator before joining The Meat Club full time! In fact, it was through doing part time photography and a photoshoot for The Meat Club in 2016 (or 2017 haha?) that I got to know our founder, Amy! I have been heavily involved in the marketing side of the business but have recently taken more of an operational role (since mid-2023).

If you could create your dream meat pack, what would it include?

Any Cage Free Chicken cut, because it is true that Singaporeans love chicken! Next would be the Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak (Eye Fillet) which is always so tender and juicy. Salmon Fillet is amazing as well, lean and rich and Omega-3, our kind of healthy food.

Coincidentally, these covered a meat from each - land, air and sea! Talk about a holistic diet haha!

What are your family's top 3 favorite recipes that never fail to make mealtime a delightful experience?

    1. One of my childhood favourite home cooked food is Braised Chicken with Potato and Carrot. Although I use the same simple seasoning (which includes just dark soy sauce, oyster sauce and a pinch of sugar), I can never achieve the same taste as my mum’s!

    1. Eye Fillet steak with restaurant-style mashed potato and greens (think Cut by Wolfgang Puck at MBS)! The trick is to use a sous vide machine (find your favourite temperature!) and a flame torch - your steak will turn out PERFECT and you get to control the crust. And to achieve the restaurant-style mashed potato, simply add more warm milk to make it ‘smoother’!

  1. Whole Pork Loin Chop - marinate a whole piece of pork loin with bbq sauce and herbs of your choice and cooking it using sous vide! When it’s done, apply another layer of bbq sauce before torching the exterior. Serving it whole and slicing in front of the family/guests definitely leaves a great impression. Somehow, there’s a different level of tenderness for pork that can only be achieved with sous vide.

I am still an amateur cook but definitely keen to try out more amazing recipes! Right now I am focusing on cooking kid-friendly meals as our twin girls are starting their solid food. Eat and live well!

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