Meat the Home Cook Kelly Cooks

Meat the Home Cook Kelly Cooks

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Hi Kelly! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you call home? Have you got family of your own? Kids, pets?

Singapore is home, and I have a young family with 2 wild toddlers who keep us perpetually entertained!

How did you develop your passion for being a home cook?

My passion came from watching my mom cook since I was young, as well as my grandparents who were self-taught chefs.

What inspired you to share your culinary home cook creations with others?

To help and inspire other time-starved people who still want healthy home cooked food! I aim to take my followers on my culinary journey over on Instagram (@kellycooks123). There, you'll find recipes and cooking inspiration!

Is your home cooking a side hustle or full time passion project?

Currently a side hustle, but hopefully full-time one day!

Can you share one of your favorite recipes and tell us why it's special to you?

Japanese Beef Cubes, because it's a super simple recipe with very tender beef that goes perfectly with a easy soy-wasabi sauce.

If you were to create your own meat pack, what would be in it?

Easy! It would include Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak (Eye Fillet) and Grass Fed Beef Lean Mince.

Are there any cooking techniques or tools that you find especially helpful when preparing meals at home?

A squeeze bottle for cooking oil is a must have!

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