Meat the Home Cook Jeff Cheong

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Hi Jeff! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you call home? Have you got family of your own? Kids, pets?

My family loves cooking. Each one of us, have our domain of interest. I love to BBQ, my daughters love to bake, and my wife takes care of the desserts.

How did you develop your passion for being a home cook?

Growing up, I observed how my mum would whip up home cooked dishes and baked for us. She was always very creative in her approach and is always able to replicate the dishes we would enjoy whenever we would dine out.

What inspired you to share your culinary home cook creations with others?

Sharing is learning. You will find a community of like-minded people who love to do what you love to do. And through social media, such as Instagram (@jeffcheong) being a home cook also helps open our appetite to the world.

Is your home cooking a side hustle or full time passion project?


Can you share one of your favorite recipes and tell us why it's special to you?

My grilled Tomahawk of course! It my go to BBQ feature and it wins the crowd every time!

If you were to create your own meat pack, what would be in it?

Tomahawk steak, Wagyu steak, lamb rack, and pork belly.

Are there any cooking techniques or tools that you find especially helpful when preparing meals at home?

An oven and my grill.

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