Our promise on food safety

Our promise on food safety

Latest update:

COVID-19 has raised important issues about health, our hygiene, and how our food is handled. With that, we have included a short infographic around how our products are brought from Australia to Singapore. It is with this cold chain, that we can make our promise on food safety on items we import from Australia.

The table below shows the farm to home process of our #AussieBeef 100% Grass Fed Beef and Premium Beef range from Queensland, Australia. All our products follow the same or a similar model, depending on where they are imported from, and if they are airfreighted chilled or sea-freighted frozen. We welcome any queries, so please get in touch with a team member here.


Queensland, Australia Our Grass Fed and Premium Range beef is reared in Queensland and enjoy a 100% Grass Fed diet.
Processing in Australia Our product is cut and vacuum packed in Australia and stored in a chilled environment.
Air-freight to Singapore Our product is air-freighted to Changi Airport, Singapore before dispatched to a central warehouse.
Home delivered Our product is delivered to your door, via an unbroken cold-chain, with no third-party tampering.

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