Can I freeze my meat?

Can I freeze my meat?

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Freezing meat: how and when to freeze your produce to get the best for your family

"Can I freeze my meat? If so, when and how?"

"What is freezer burn and how can it be avoided?"

"What is the difference between fresh v frozen red meat?"

"Is it safe to keep my meat in the fridge?"

These are common questions we get asked by our members from time to time. After all, freezing meat is a legacy issue we all face, having been accustomed to doing so, after purchasing products from a butcher or supermarket for so long. Let us explain how we can offer chilled beef and lamb, fresher for longer, and why this is better for eating quality.

1.  Can I freeze my meat? If so, when and how?

Yes. However, you do not need to freeze our meat immediately. We encourage our members to take note of the 'freeze by' sticker on our products, as this is the date you either need to eat the meat or, as the label suggests, freeze it.

To freeze the products safely prior to the date, clear a space in your freezer so that it can be frozen as quickly as possible. The less product in your freezer, the quicker this process will happen, as the surface of the meat will be chilled quicker. You want to be able to "snap" freeze the meat to avoid damage to the fibres. More on this below.

2. What is freezer burn and how can it be avoided?

Freezer burn can often be blamed for the grayish-brown leathery spots on frozen meat items. It occurs when air reaches the meat's surface and dries it out, changing its pigment. Freezer burn does not make the meat unsafe; it merely causes dry spots in foods. Happily, our vacuum packaging technology helps to reduce the risk of freezer burn, by preventing moisture being wicked away from the surface of your meat. That is;  the airtight seal of our packaging prevents freezer burn from happening.

3. What is the difference between fresh v frozen red meat?

Eating red meat that has been defrosted tends to affect the eating quality because – just like a plastic bottle filled with water might ‘explode’ in the freezer (evidenced by the top popping off, for example) – meat fibres tend to ‘explode’/ break apart at the time of being frozen. This is not immediately noticeable as the look and feel of a raw steak or lamb cut will remain unchanged. It is only at the time of cooking, when the meat tends to ‘bleed’, that you’ll notice the difference. Moisture will be lost and the meat will be less flavourful and tender.

4.  Is it safe to keep my meat in the fridge?

Yes. To maintain quality, keep your product in the top chiller compartment of the fridge (the vacuum packaging prevents cross-contamination of food).

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