BBQ tips with Weber BBQ

BBQ tips with Weber BBQ

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BBQ tips with Weber BBQ.

At Weber BBQ, they have a saying: "If you’re lookin’, you ain’t cooking’."

What does that mean and what does it have to do with cooking on a Weber BBQ? Everything actually, as this is the manufacturers golden rule and a mantra they live by.

It is simple – Weber suggest that you keep the grill lid closed while grilling.  Keeping it open will not only cause the BBQ to lose heat, but it will also mean you have to cook the food for longer.  On the other hand,  by keeping the lid closed, you allow the Weber grill to do what it was designed to do; prepare your food faster with more flavor.  It also helps eliminate flare ups.

And as we know well, the effect of cooking time, as well as resting time, on steak is everything. From tender meat to steak you can hardly chew, it is important to follow this mantra.

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