Adopting a flexitarian diet

Adopting a flexitarian diet

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Now that Ryan and I are on a Flexitarian diet, we have a serious craving for beef. They kind of steak that is succulent, tender and generously flavoured.

Our favourite one-bowl Chipotle steak poke bowl create wonders, especially with diverse layers of acid, fat, salt & heat all mixed together. It is delicious and stress-free to prepare for two after a long day of work. All you need is to plan a thing or two.

When Ryan and I are deprived of beef, most of the time, it is because we are tired with a low iron status or our muscles are aching from working out. Hence, we will satisfy ourselves with premium, sustainable Australian beef every month from The Meat Club.

Ryan is from Scotland, a country with free-range cattle, and is used to grass-fed beef. He always makes sure that the quality of red meat is high! Also, there is a real difference in taste and the beef's health impact, depending on the source of the beef consumed.

  • Grass-fed beef is much leaner than the conventional grain-fed beef. It is higher in antioxidants like vitamin A and E, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that is a type of healthy fat linked with reduced cancer risk, reduced cardiovascular disease risk, and better cholesterol levels, improved immunity and anti-inflammation benefits.
  • It contains 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than standard grain-fed beef
  • Cattle raised on grass and organic pastures are hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

It’s been a year since we joined The Meat Club! What I love about supporting this business is that they are efficient, attentive to our monthly orders. reliable with their choices of Australian suppliers that adhere to strict animal welfare practices, and have absolute care for the environment. Why I mentioned premium quality grass-fed beef can be budget-friendly is the fact that being a club member, I have saved 20% for spending on each product through a monthly subscription.

For members, a fillet steak is priced at $18.00 as opposed to $22.50 for a single purchase. That’s $54 I have saved within a year of 12 cycles! Also, I save more money preparing this poke bowl in the long run and really go crazy with my portions of vegetables whenever I want to.

Living in a modern studio apartment with an induction stove at the moment does not stop me from cooking the tenderloin to succulence perfection. No oven needed. Just one pan, a couple of healthy whole foods, a store-bought sauce to marinate your beef baby the night before, and a balanced meal is ready in about 45 minutes. Easy as pie!

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