Burpple Tastemaker Cooking Class

Burpple Tastemaker Cooking Class

Burpple Tastemaker take on The Meat Club beef and lamb!

An experience I would hardly find elsewhere, the cooking class conducted at Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School by Terri-Anne (of Carrotsticks & Cravings fame) was simple yet enriching. With a bare knowledge in cooking, I managed to whip up two fantastic meat dishes — Dukkah Crusted Lamb with Pomegranate Tzatziki and Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa —with the help of fellow Burpple Tastemaker(s). Terri-Anne recently published a cooking book that emphasises on simple ingredients with rich flavours and is definitely easy to follow as proven from my hands-on experience during the cooking class.

The best part of the cooking was definitely the ingredients used. The fresh high quality meats supplied by The Meat Club from Australian farms were absolutely wonderful. All their meat is cryovaced in meal-sized portions so as to maintain the freshness and flavour, and it was indeed evident in our dishes.  We could even notice a gorgeous marbling on the eye fillet during the marinating process.

Dukkah and olive oil with bread from Baker & Cook

The first dish, Dukkah Crusted Lamb with Pomegranate Tzatziki, offered a creative venture into the typically one-dimensional grilled lamb. Made from toasted nuts (hazelnut and almond) with sesame seeds, the dukkah went well with anything: bread, lamb and steak (and possibly anything else you can think of). It gave a good crunch to the tender juicy lamb whilst the pomegranate tzatziki lent a refreshing flavour with its tartness and some ‘pops’ of sweetness from the pomegranate.

Dukkah Crusted Lamb with Pomegranate Tzatziki

The best dish, in my personal opinion, would definitely go to the Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa. Terri-Anne’s simple marinade was more than sufficient to bring out the best of the eye fillet, the ‘lazy’ muscle from the loin beef. The refreshing tangy salsa sat so well with the smoky yet juicy beef tagliata and also gave the dish a vibrant colour.

Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa

Paired with a glass of Aldridge Estate Shiraz Cabernet from Wine Family, the entire meal was splendid. And there was no better way to end the night with a spread of desserts from Baker & Cook. It was definitely an unforgettable evening filled with lots of new insights about cooking, ingredients and, of course, lovely people who shared the same passion for food.

Desserts from Baker & Cook

Words by Burpple Tastemaker, Irene Arieputri

About Irene: An extroverted introvert who is almost constantly hungry, she recharges herself through spending some time alone (with good food, of course!). She is the happiest when she takes pictures of sunrise and when she finds a hidden food gem. Instagram @riinns

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